01. SUPER 8: “Keep Doing It” (2024)
02. ROYAL OTTAWA: “Oblivion” (2023)
03. ROYAL OTTAWA: “Name” (2023)
04. THE BUG CLUB: “Fully Clothed” (2023)
05. MYSTHICAL MOTORS: “Court Of The Beekeper” (2024)
06. CASUAL TECHNICIANS: “Lucy In The Dark” (2024)
07. JIM NOTHING: “Raleigh Arena” (2024)
08. DUCKS LTD.: “Train Full Of Gasoline” (2024)
09. BEING DEAD: “Boxes On The Ground” (2023)
10. SHANON & THE CLAMS: “The Moon Is In The Wrong” (2024)
11. THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES: “Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hits” (2024)
12. TORREY: “Bounce” (2024)


Espai de pop independent conduït per Gerard Carceller.






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