01. Courtney BARNETT: “If I Don’t Hear from You Tonight” (2021)
02. Courtney BARNETT: “Write a List Of Things to Look Forward You” (2021)
03. BACHELOR: “Stay in the Car” (2021)
04. SULLEN EYES: “Take Our Mine” (2021)
05. SULLEN EYES: “There She Goes” (2021)
06. SULLEN EYES: “Getting There” (2021)
07. LE PAIN: “Troisième Groupe” (2021)
08. LE PAIN: “Obvious to You” (2021)
09. KIDS ON A CRIME SPREE: “When Can I See You Again?” (2021)
10. KIDS ON A CRIME SPREE: “I don’t Want to Call You Baby… baby” (2011)
11. ARTSICK: “Despise” (2021)
12. DAZY: “Fool in the Mirror” (2021)
13. DAZY: “Thread” (2021)
14. Courtney BARNETT: “Turning Green” (2021)

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