01. GABRIEL’S DAWN: “Loose Canyon” (2022)
02. GABRIEL’S DAWN: “I Don’t Belive (In The Summertime)” (2022)
03. GABRIEL’S DAWN: “We” (2022)
04. Scott GAGNER: “Song For William” (2021)
05. Scott GAGNER: “Year At A Glance” (2021)
06. The STROPPIES: “Up To My Elbows” (2022)
07. NEUTRALS: “Gary Borthwick Says” (2022)
08. STEPHEN’S SHORE: “Carefree Tyme” (2022)
09. JEANINES: “Don’t Wait For A Sign” (2022)
10. THE CATENARY WIRES: “Wall Of Sound” (2022)
11. EVEN AS WE SPEAK: “Begins Goodbye” (2022)
12. THE ORCHIDS: “I Don’t Mean To Stare” (2022)


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