01. THE LAUGHING CHIMES: “Estates of Sparkig Haze” (2023)
02. THE LAUGHING CHIMES: “Arboretum Miles” (2023)
03. THE REDS, PINKS AND PURPLES: “Did You Know That There’s Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard?” (2023)
04. THE REDS, PINKS AND PURPLES: “Too Late For An Early Grave” (2023)
05. THE TELEPHONE NUMBERS: “Weird Sisters” (2023)
06. CHIME SCHOOL: “Coming To Your Town” (2023)
07. CHIME SCHOOL: “Love You More” (2023)
08. TEEN ANGST: “Leftovers” (2023)
09. SPICE WORLD: “Dying To Go” (2023)
10. MONNONE ALONE: “Ways To Wear My Hair” (2023)
11. THE VALDERAMAS: “Maybe You Know How I Feel” (2023)
12. TH DA FREAK: “Young Bro” (2023)
13. Mo TROPER: “Waste Away” (2022)





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